Radio Production – Run down of the 1st Year.

So this was an experience, that could be summed up as slightly underwhelming.  Now that may seem like a massive negative, and you probably normally see posts about the first year of university being one of the best years of your life.  Thats a slight lie in my opinion.  I was excited to start my Radio Production course, but as many students around me realised that there is a lot more theory surrounding this medium than previously thought.

Now I stumbled upon this degree when flicking through a university prospectus, I’d always wanted to be a vet since the age of around four to fourteen, but unfortunately science wasn’t exactly my strong point.  So that idea went straight out the window.

So what did I do next I fixated on Radio Production, and grabbed myself a week at my local radio station (KMFM). I shadowed a producer, well he did do this job, but I was expecting him to be part of the shows more, but he made idents, adverts and song intros.  So when I was shadowing him, I was put in an advert, left to edit some song clips and also edit a phone interview that two of the presenters had done with Little Mix.  That was that for the first half.  The second half was were my days got a little more interesting, I followed one of the main presenters, so this was the first time I was allowed to sit in an operating studio,that was going live! At the time that was a big deal for me, sitting here writing this blog post, its now routine to go into a studio. The one thing that did interest me majorly was music playlisting and scheduling.  So I was included in the meeting and asked my opinions on what should be moved up and down on the playlist, one of my suggestions was taken on board!(I think my age helped!) So that got my mind thinking about my outcomes of my university degree.

But since my first year, my ambitions for the job that I want at the end of it have changed, a bit like my decision to study the course! But the thing is I think that this is a vital thing that university teaches you, that not everything is going to go the way you thought it would. Also the fact that you grow and change as a person, so your interests change, and so do your job goals.

On an end note, I don’t regret the decision to go to university, because it is something that I worked hard for. But just don’t overthink everything – certain things happen which change the way you think and feel about things.  This is not a hinderance but help in my opinion.


See you soon for my update on the second year…