Single Review #2 :Nick Jonas – Chains (Stormzy Remix)


Nick-Jonas-Chains-remix-StormzyThis may be old for some of you, but this appeared on my Spotify the other day, and I had serious doubts about this remix.  Nick Jonas; an ex disney star with a very pop sound and then remixed with Stormzy – grime!!! Really?!

It did take me a couple of listens to get into it, but the two polar opposites actually work together. The song starts with heavy bass which is the grime influence that Stormzy wants on this track, leading into Nick singing the chorus.  But from the offset the song starts with a dark vibe, which follows throughout the whole song, even though flows are interrupted by the pop sound of the original.

Now I know a lot more about pop than i do grime, but I am a fan of both, and some people say that the majority of grime that you hear on the radio is becoming mainstream.  But this is not the case, just listen to the voice and message in the song and you’ll see that this is not true at all.

Back to the song, again seeing those two names in the same title shocked me, but to be fair I think music needs to be turned on its head and changed due to the fact that mainstream chart music is become tedious, and the stigma of listening to alternative music or music that isn’t the ‘norm’ is changing.  And remixes like this work, showing the versatility of not only the song but also the artists involved as well.

Solid 8/10 from me…

Available on Spotify and iTunes and all other retailers.


Single Review #1 : Drake – Pop Style


Drake is dropping some hot hits – seriously!

Now of course you’ve heard his comeback single which was “Hotline Bling” spending an inordinate amount of time in the charts since it was released in July last year. But he’s made some new material, and released two songs in one day. One is “One Dance” featuring Whizkid and Kyla, which is on the radio at the moment, so enjoy that one to your hearts content.

But the single that I wanted to focus on was “Pop Style” now this is featuring ‘The Throne’ aka Jay Z and Kayne West, obviously being dubbed with the name because of their 2011 album “Watch The Throne”.  Drake is continuing to have a new sound with every song that he releases and it’s not so whiny anymore- which is a total plus for me.

I haven’t always been a fan of Drake, but with these new releases he’s definitely changing my mind.  The rumbling bass throughout the track gives a dark vibe, with Drake giving a solid verse on the track.  But the person that surprises me the most would have to be Kayne, his versatility stands out on this track seriously good stance and move by him there. Can’t be letting Drake take his crown.  One slightly underwhelming thing I will have to admit, the track says ‘Featuring The Throne’ but where the hell is Jay Z – Two lines really?!? There so much more that he could have made with that – but his lyrics are still pretty decent.

It was a solid 7.5/10 for me.  If you want to download the track, they are an iTunes exclusive at the moment.

The album that these two songs feature on called “Views from the Six” is due to be released later this month.