Audio Session – 4 (The Final One!)

It Is Done!!!

Okay so after many weeks of figuring out what I was going to do and how I was going to do it, my audio and all the other little bits I wanted to add to the blog has been done.

It took a longer time than I thought it might, which mean’t that there was a little bit of rushing at the end – but it is complete.

You can find the audio and all other pieces here –

Or if you want to just listen to the audio you can find it below.


Audio Session – 3

The podcast is finally a podcast.

So some of the script has been changed, and I have to admit that I scrapped the running order that I made – as you can see I partly gave up as well!  But there was a reason for that and that reason being, that once i started recording I just wasn’t going to stick with it. There were too many silence gaps and the spacings that i thought would work just didn’t in actuality. But progress is being made!!

Unfortunately the audio is still being edited and I don’t want to ruin the actual thing for you to listen to before the hand in date – so you can follow any updates of the podcast; e,g. pictures and the audio being uploaded by visiting the blog.

Things that now need to be focussed on, are uploading the transcript to the blog and also adding images to the gallery and maybe other things that are to do with that area.

So thats about it for this weeks post, keep an eye on this blog and the other, to see if there are any updates, before the deadline next week!

Audio (outside) session

Progress so far…

So at the moment a blog for my podcast  has been created – which can be visited following this link;

I am still working on the script at the moment and also creating graphics for the site etc.

Beds have been found as well.

One thing that may change though, would be the timing, so instead of the podcast being 11.11 in length it may turn into  6.06 in length, as at the moment the content that i have gathered will not reach that time without the information i have used being seriously diluted down.

Name = Strange Happenings

Slogan = You never really know what happened in the past

Here’s a preview of graphics that have been created;

  • Header/logo;

Header Image

Audio Session – 2

It’s starting to take shape…

So this week I’m going to start focusing gone the script from the research that I have gathered (which can be viewed here).

The premise of the story is going to be Epping Forest and the story surrounding the “Suicide Pool”

The main thing that I wanted to focus on for this session is the script and also the beds that can be used, the aim is for 10 minutes on audio but depending on the stories that i have found and those that i can find.  But at the moment ten minutes is looking achievable.

Some more research has been conducted;

Some beds have been found as well, but they need to be sorted through and also checked for appropriateness, for the theme of the show.

  • Soundcloud

I have decided on the name, which is going to be Strange Happenings. But the slogan has not yet been decided.

The steps that i need to take are;

  • recording
  • find beds
  • finish and finalise the script (add silence etc.)
  • slogan
  • set up the blog for the podcast.