Product Development #4

Still in the making…



More research is being done in order to grasp the amount of people that use the app;


So in the end I gave up in making the wireframes, because I decided that they would take to long to go through within my presentation.

The script for the pitch is being written at the moment, and the pitch document is also in the process.


Product Development Post #3

So the progress so far….

  • Right so one of my things to do from last time was to find out how, podcast charts were calculated and I did some research and sadly found very little.
    • So no one apart from Apple actually know how the charts for any of their Apps are measured.
    • There are things that can be linked to their chart position; Downloads/Subscriptions/Plays/Reviews and Ratings/The Editorial Effect/ The Smoothing Algorithm/Caching.
    • There is a blog where this is explained in more detail; 
  • The research for the font and colour charts has also been collected.
    • Fonts- So they mainly use one font, which can be said to be their default and that would be Helvetica and then since they have updated some of their software this has been changed to Helvetica Neue.  So the category of sans serif has remained the same.
      • There are a couple of rules that have to be followed when designing an App, so I suppose these have to be followed when re designing one.
      • Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 20.46.42Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 20.47.28
      • So the first image is showing the different font sizes that can be used when designing an app.  The second image is detailing when the different categories of type can be used and what it can be used for.
      • For the font, for the redesign – i want them to remain the same. Considering it is an apple app, there is no real reason for it to be changed.
    • Colours – So the colours of apps that come with the iPhone or other Apple Products come as standard.  These colours can be illustrated below;
      • Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 20.46.25
      • So the R,G,B stands for the mix of Red/Green/Blue that make up that colour, and then the opacity shows the translucency of the colour.
      • For the colours on the current app they are pretty standard, so the background of nearly every screen is white.
      • But when you click on the podcast itself through the “My Podcasts” page it turns into the colour of the podcasts’ own logo, which is an aspect that i would like to keep.
      • But the apps overriding colour of purple is also something that i do not want to change as this is another thing that comes as standard.
  • Wireframes are in the process; (Take a look)

Product Development Post #2

So my first thoughts are now secondary…

So after reading through my previous post and thinking over my ideas, I have decided to go with my second idea.

There may be a reason as to why they’re are not a lot of podcast apps and this could be because Apple have monopolised this space on the iPhone, and the other podcast apps are just copying what the original app can do. So if this is the case, why make another app which does completely the same thing?!

So these are the notes that I’ve made on the original “Podcast” App;

  • So there are five options at the bottom of the screen, I will then break down what is on each of these pages and then give you an idea of what i think is wrong with them.
    • 1st screen = Unplayed – So this basically just shows you all of the podcasts that you all of the podcasts that you haven’t listen to yet. It is categorised by the days in which they were published, and can be viewed as a list.
      • IMG_1005
    • 2nd screen = My Podcasts – So this is basically a list of all the podcasts that I have subscribed to, you can then click on each individual one and it will take you through to another list, either categorised as unplayed or as feed.  Now these are two different things; unplayed are the episodes that you have downloaded but not listened to, where as feed is a list of all the podcasts that have been published by that creator, and it shows all of them regardless of the fact you may have downloaded them all ready.




    • 3rd screen = Featured – So this is basically a pre-prepared list which changes fairly often but just gives a couple of scroll through options that give the user a chance to listen to a new podcast that the “Editor” thinks is good. Thats literally it for that page.
      • IMG_1009
    • 4th screen = Top Charts – You can probably guess already, as to what this page is going to consist of. So yeah thats basically what it is, a list of the top chart, so this is ranked by the amount of subscribers or listeners (This needs to be properly researched). You are also given the opportunity to go through the different categories of the podcasts that they host.
      • IMG_1010
      • IMG_1011
    • 5th screen = Search – now this is the most boring page of them all, but is one of the most necessary I would say, and this is basically just the simple screen of a search bar, where the user can type in any key word they like and it will give them all the podcasts that are based around this area.
      • IMG_1012


Now it’s time for the nit-picking to begin, I have a few bullet points about what I want to change :

  • It looks old, the font and colours just need a little refresh, they can be kept the same colour (purple) but depth and tone needs to be added to it
  • The way to get to certain podcasts is too long, and tedious, the app would be so much better, if some of the presets at the bottom of the screen were changed.
  • The user experience as a whole is reduced because of the factors mentioned above.
  • The amount of push notifications that are received are not necessary.
  • After conducting some more research, the app in the iTunes store only gets a Two Star rating overall, so it is evident that something needs to be changed.


Things that need to be done (hopefully) before the next post;

  1. Look up how the charts are calculated.
  2. Produce draft wireframes for the app
  3. Colour charts and font charts etc.

Product Development Post #1

The First Thoughts 

So this is my first post in thinking about what my pitch will be about, now there are a couple of ideas in my head – so i’ll put them on here whilst i remember;

  • This was going to be a completely new podcast app, which could be download on the various phone platforms.
    • This idea comes from the fact that i cannot (personally) stand the iTunes Podcast app, its so clunky and has no clear direction.
    • The podcasts are not put in helpful categories, and this does not help the fact that there are many podcasts on the app and not all of them are good.
    • I want the new app, to have easy navigation, and easy ways of getting rid of old podcasts that have been listened to.
      • So basically i just want to override the whole interface.


  • The second idea was something that I haven’t thought about in much detail, but it was along the lines of updating the interface of the Podcast App
    • But in reality I’d prefer to create a totally new one because there aren’t many of them in the app store at the moment – the exact number would be three and that’s including Apples that comes as standard.


Research I’ve conducted

So I have done the tiniest amount of research at this stage and this was mainly focused on looking at downloading the other apps that are out there and then writing down my personal opinions on what i liked and what i didn’t.

The three apps that I’ve looked at [these are also ones that you do not have to pay for];

  1. Podcasts (comes as standard)
  2. Overcast : Podcast Player
  3. RSSRadio Podcast Downloader App

I’ll keep you updated on the notes that I’m writing.