Posts from now on…

So my posts from now on will be split into two categories;

  1. Individual Project – Click here
    1. So this will focus on my audio section of the project and the progress that is happening with this.
  2. Final Project – Click here
    1. So this will focus on the pitch that I am going to be presenting the developments that I am making with this.


There will then be one final post discussing both aspects that happened throughout this module, which can be found here


Week 7

Individual Project Development

This session was enabling us to focus on the area that we might like to chose as our individual project.

By going through and analysing the brief it was time to get down to business and focus on what story or subject we were going to focus on so, I know that I am going to be doing something involving audio but the fact is what?

Other factors to think about;

  • Voices -mine alone or with contributors.
  • Other Audio – jingle/beds.
  • Length – 10 minutes.
  • Audience – young/old/any person interested?
  • Platform to be released on – iTunes/own website?

Week 5

Mobile App Development

This session was covering this subject in order to help towards another part of the module, which is pitch about a new app or development in technology.

There are three main things to why mobile devices are so popular;

  • Trends – can keep up with the demands of consumers.
  • Interaction – easy and convenient for consumers to use and consume
  • Output – wider variety of things to do on a mobile device.
    • One disadvantage of this can be that it is attacking traditional media.
    • Another disadvantage would be that as apps are developing it is causing a major distraction.

When we take the example of the iPhone, it only started in 2007 and has grown more and more ever since.  Its already 10 years old, fairly new when we think about it, but not in the technology world where it is so fast paced.

Now the devices that we use to aid these apps are smartphones; obvious examples include iPhone and Androids.

  • Strengths; Convenient/Accessible/ Don’t Underestimate/Instant Gratification
  • Weaknesses; Scroll Culture/ Privacy/Battery Life/Limited Storage

When thinking about designing an app or website, you have to make sure it is responsive, this means that it has to fit on a computer screen and then translate to phone just as well as it does on screen.

So finally app development….

  • App development for this (if workshop is taken) will be perpetual beta, this means that its never complete.  Coding can be done by self.
  • Idea – can be thought about by looking at top charts.  [pricing has to be thought about when pitching an app idea, as to whether to charge for the service or not]
    • Will it be; games, content, commerce or application.
  • Prototypes – can be made online via or 
    • Design – make sure its obvious (intuitive)
    • When thinking of an App, don’t necessarily create something outrageous – you can always think of an app that needs improving.

My App Idea

  • This may be one idea to go toward my final project.
    • One idea that I had would be to either improve Apple’s podcast app
    • Another idea that I had would be to create a totally new one, which overrides the user interface problems that i feel like there are with the existing app.
      • There are also two other apps that are slightly better than the original but they still do not “weed” out the bad podcasts.



Week 4

Moving Image vs. Audio 

This session was focused on our individual project towards the end of the year.

Basically the session was involved in having pitches in both fields, aiding us to make a decision between the two.

I think my decision after this session will be Audio as this is the main subject i am studying after this module, being a radio production student and what not.

But this exercise will allow me to think of trying something completely different rather than the structured tasks we are given as assignments.

At the moment I have a couple of ideas floating around, I’ll keep you updated with those…


Week 3

Live Blogging

Examples of a live blogs;

There are clear differences between a running news story and a traditional news story.  Live blogging shows the readers that it is a developing story, clarifying specific details. They include; summary headlines/multimedia elements/informal tone/ transparent corrections/date stamped updates/use of content from social media sites/ use of hyperlinks/3rd party content is signposted.

Definition; Live blogging combines conventional reporting with curation, it allows a more complex form of coverage during fast moving news events. It has become one of the most important forms of digital journalism.

  • Risks of live blogging; lowering standards of journalistic accuracy and balance/information overload/test of endurance/distance from the story[not an eyewitness]

Here’s my example of a Live blog;

Julian Assange Freedom Update


Week 2

Aggregation and Curation 

  • Digitally Native Content – integrating with the web and responding instantaneously to what people want.
  • Digital Mindset – learning to develop a relationship with your audience, discovering what they will be influenced by.
  • The Audience – need to understand their perception of media, making sure that they engage.
  • Aggregation – republishing information that has been collected by someone else.
  • Curation – when information is republished, but it is credited or changed in a slight way.

 The debate surrounding Aggregation;

  • It can be said that aggregating stories is not fair use, some people argue that it is theft.
  • But other people argue that within copyright law, it is part of online media and collecting news stories.
  • The solution to this – ethical aggregation.
  • As a writer you need to be transparent and tell readers where the information has come from.
  • Also add value to the information you are producing.


Here’s an example I’ve tried, when trying to aggregate a story about Barbie’s new body shape using

Week 1

Is wearable technology becoming mainstream?

Since the release of items like the Apple Watch, Fitbit and their rivals bringing out items like watches which can be linked to your smart phone are becoming more and more popular.

But will their rise in popularity cause them to become mainstream?  Will we see more people wearing these items as times go on, will they overtake smartphones?

But wearable technology does not always link to their old fashioned time pieces.  But it can link to other fashion items, theres a bracelet  that can charge your phone and Microsoft have just are thinking about releasing their version of the Google Glass – The HoloLens. (

Ever since the Apple Watch has been released there has been a massive debate about whether they will take off or not,  I have to argue that I think they will.  But people need to know more about them, as they will be making the normal remarks like they’re too expensive, but the thing is do they know what they do?

I have a personal experience as this my dad received one for Christmas, and he appreciates it so much.  The thing is the fact that instead of struggling around in a bag or a pocket it is there instantaneously. The fact is that the watch helps to enhance the basic use of our smartphones.  The Apple watch comes with the ordinary phone features, which includes receiving text messages (iMessages) phone-calls, maps, health and fitness. Why would this not be considered a good thing? They are small and portable and are basically the same as your iPhone, so why do people not like them.

I must admit I hadn’t done any research on this item at all before we went out and bought it so when i walked into the Apple shop I was at a complete loss, and when we got talking to the sales assistant, (who was very helpful) explained the run down on these items.  There are two types each made out of different metals which explains the difference in price, one is a sports version so it is made from a lighter material and a different type of glass and also happens to be £100 cheaper.  Where as the other is made from a heavier material and is made more for everyday use (this was the one we went for).  Since he was given it – he has not been able to put it down.  By apple making sure that you can have access to the basics apps, so the necessities of the smart phone are there at your fingertips.

I think that by big companies creating these pieces of technology that can be wearable are a good thing for technology, it shows an improvement in the technology world.  These devices may  may not have the all the technology that they need at the moment for these things to run by themselves, but in time they will do, and i think when this happens then the trend will really kick off.

But if companies didn’t think that they weren’t going to become so successful they would not have made them in the process things are constantly improving and people need to become more aware of what is happening and learn about these products before making blind assumptions.


Wired have written an article about other items of wearable technology which is worth a read it can be found at;